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Broken Blanks

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Most broken fishing rods can be repaired and returned to near-new condition.  Pricing for this work depends on what the original rod was made of (fiberglass, graphite, bamboo/cane as examples).  Generally, if a rod is broken it can be repaired with a permanent ferrule - if you still have all the pieces. This work is a bit tedious and I charge a basic rate of $10/hour.  This repair usually amounts to approximately 2 hours' worth of work.   If the rod is broken in multiple places, the second repair will cost less.  Why?  Because I will already have matched the rod blank diameter from repair stock on hand. 

If the broken section is missing and that section was a short tip, it's possible that replacing the tiptop will be sufficient.  This repair is based on the price of the tiptop plus 50% for my labor.  Obviously I can't be specific since there are a wide variety of tips, ranging from straight formed wire to trolling tops or roller guides.


Another approach to repairing a broken tip is to replace a section of the original blank with a new tip section and to hide the repair under a guide or a new wrap.
In all cases I will need to see the broken rod to assess the repair possibilities.

For more information, please refer to the WORKSHOP section on Blank Repair.  

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