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Guide Repair

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Prices for matching and replacing broken or missing guides are given below. This work includes matching the original color and design of the threads on the remaining guides — assuming that the thread is still available — but does not include the cost of any new guide components.

Guide Repair - Before


Guide Repair - After



Single Wrap Single wrap — $5.00 per guide
Double Wrap Double wrap — (underwrap) $8.00 per guide
Triple Wrap Triple wrap — (one under, two over) $10.00 per guide
If you want more information on what kind of wrap is best for the rod you have (or want) and the fishing you do, click here. And, if you'd like more details on exactly how I do guide wraps, click here.

For rods that are brought in for repair or refurbishment, I attempt to salvage and return to like-new condition any damaged guides to save you, the customer, the expense of new guides. 

To refurbish roller guides I disassemble the entire guide.  If the guide has to be removed from the rod, all the guide feet are re-ground and the frame and rollers are repolished with jeweller's rouge.  All the edges inside and out are wire brushed with a fine  dremel tool attachment.  The bushings are cleaned and repolished and the guide is reassembled using the best available grease; over time I've found that reel lubricant works the best. Standard boat rod guides or spinning guides are simply repolished with jeweller's rouge across all surfaces inside and out.

Another example of a cost-saving methodology is the replacement of the roller with a hardened roller capable of withstanding the abrasion of either the new braided or wire lines.  This can usually be done without removing the guide from the blank - thereby saving you the cost of re-wrapping the guide.

These relatively simple repairs can be completed, in most cases while you wait (and watch if you'd like)!

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