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Replacing Butts & Reel Seats

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Replacing thru-handle or short butts with aluminum "unibutts" can be a fast and easy or a difficult and time-consuming task, depending on the construction of the original fishing rod. While I can do it for any rod, in many cases no precise cost estimate is possible until after the work has begun, and once started there may be no opportunity to return the rod to its original condition. The reason is that this operation always involves removing the original grip material, cutting the original blank, inserting graphite composite stiffeners, and layering epoxy onto and then resurfacing the original blank so it adheres properly to the aluminum. As you can see, this work entails a certain degree of risk.

Rosewood Handle


Rosewood Reel Seat

Replacement of reel seats, on the other hand, is usually a minor repair project involving the removal and replacement of the original grip material (which will always have to be discarded). I charge $15 per hour for this work, and it normally takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Keep in mind, however, that the rod must then dry for a significant period of time, so don't plan on getting the reel seat replaced if you'll be needing the rod in a few days!

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