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Repairs & Refinishing

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You might be wondering why I call my repair services "professional." It's because I take the time and care to do the job right the first time, every time. Some folks who offer repair services cut corners or simply don't have the knowledge to do the job right. I have over 15 years' experience building, refurbishing, and repairing fishing rods of every conceivable style and construction, and I treat each one as if it were my own.

Here's an example of just one of the many dramatic improvements that can be had:


On the left is a photo of a rod "as received" for repair and refurbishment. First the guide wraps were removed. Then the blank was cleaned, abraded, and refinished with a single stage preactivated urethane. The guide was repainted with powder paint and rewrapped on the refinished blank. Note that the original guide was a "double wrap" (a short underwrap and single overwrap). Since the owner of this rod is a commercial charter fisherman I suggested a "triple wrap" to add a little more stiffness and additional protection to the blank and stability to the guide for a rod that will be used heavily on chumming expeditions.


Of course, in addition to repairing things that are broken, I can also enhance the look or performance of just about any rod with a change in the blank color, a geometric design woven onto the blank, different or better grips, stronger guides or guide wraps, or just about any other enhancement you'd like to have for your rod.

For pricing, see the links, below. If what you need isn't addressed there, or you have questions about anything, please let me know.

Blank Dyeing & Color Changing

Blank Stripping & Refinishing

Broken Blank Repair

Butt & Reel Seat Replacement

Grip Repair & Replacement

Guide Repair & Replacement

Note: No work will be done without your knowledge and consent. As for any work you do on your own, obviously that is at your risk; I cannot be responsible for any work done outside my shop. If you start a job yourself and find that you are unable to complete it, I will take it on — but I cannot accept responsibility for any damage you may have inadvertently caused that is not apparent from a visual inspection.

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