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Blank Trimming

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There are several methods that can be used to cut/trim a rod blank to meet your needs. This section shows only one way, which is the one I prefer.

Start by carefully marking the blank all the way around the circumference of where it is to be cut. Remove any length of the blank that will interfere with your ability to move the tool all around the circumference of the blank. Put masking tape over that spot and remove the overburden with a fine toothed metal hacksaw, leaving at least 2" between the hacksaw cut and the marked target.

Use a dremel motor tool with a metal, diamond chip cut-off wheel at medium speed Do NOT attempt to use the flimsy carbide cut offs that come with the tool, as they will flex and shatter, sending shards at you. If you operate the tool too fast, the blade may tend to "walk".
Use the motor tool around the outside of the blank – do NOT try to saw directly through!
Use the face of the wheel to flatten the surface.

This is what you should have as a result.

Another method is to use a triangular file to achieve the same result as with the motor tool, but I simply find this method to be faster.   

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