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Custom Thread Work

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Decorative butt wraps set the custom rod apart from the store-bought rods on the market today. They reflect the care and craftsmanship of the rod builder and represent an additional investment of time putting the finishing touches on what should already be a technologically superior product. While there are many extremely difficult patterns laid out on multiple axes and complex weaves of scenes, any rod can be made more appealing to the eye with a simple decorative wrap.

My intent in this section is not to detail every possible variation. There are several books on the market today. Among the best sources on decorative wraps are Dale Clemens' Book Custom Rod Thread Art and C. Boyd Pfeiffer's Modern Tackle Craft. In addition, there are now several video tapes on decorative wraps and weaving on the market. These are now available in most libraries or can be ordered from several of the sources listed on my Links Page.


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